Anchoring Peace Therapy, LLC
Afton Strate, M.S., LCMFT

Overland Park, Kansas

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"We are so glad that we found Afton and were able to work with her for our Pre-Marital counseling.  Her personality was so approachable, she really made us feel at ease talking with her.  We appreciated her structured approach to the counseling process, while giving us the freedom and flexibility to find what worked best for us.  Meeting with Afton was like meeting with a friend.  We highly recommend her."  -B.A. & R.A.

"Afton taught me to stay connected to my partner even, and especially, in times of conflict.  She helped me to turn towards feelings that were uncomfortable, and in so doing, I was able to strengthen my relationship with my partner.  I will be forever grateful." -L.L.

"I found Anchoring Peace Therapy, LLC to be extremely helpful, providing us with tools to use in our relationship to grow and be a better couple.  It was light hearted and fun to attend therapy." -D.Y.

“Afton's passion for her work is reflected in her detailed therapy processes. In a time where there is pressure to "speed" things up, Afton's intentional warmth and kindness creates an environment that "paces down" the clients' anxiety and allows them to truly attend to the "healing" process.  Afton has developed a therapeutic style that allows her, within the process, to reflect her compassion for her clients and strengthen the therapeutic relationship. My work with Afton enhanced my personal and professional life.” –M.K.

"Afton has a rare presence about her.  You know instantly that she cares deeply for the clients she works with.  Afton sees more than the things that clients struggle with.  She sees, highlights, and encourages the things people want to work toward.  As a former co-therapist and current colleague, I have only admiration for this amazing woman." -H.H.

"We did not have any expectations about what couples therapy would be like.  Through the process everything was thoroughly explained.  Most of the techniques that were discussed and practiced feel like they are applicable outside of the therapy session.  Overall we felt like Afton was very easy to talk with and extremely relatable.  Scheduling the first appointment was no big deal.  We were able to get in less than a week later.  Scheduling follow up appointments was also a breeze." -T.L. & S.L.

"As a previous co-therapist and current colleague, I have personally been witness to Afton's therapeutic style. She is an incredibly compassionate and supportive therapist.  She has an amazing ability to just sit and be with clients.  Her kind and gentle presence give clients just what they need during those difficult times and moments." -D.P.

"I had the opportunity to sit with Afton as a co-therapist on a number of cases. She is dedicated to providing a safe and respectful environment for her clients. Afton's style invites you to have hope for the changes YOU want to make. I would recommend her highly." - J.V. 

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